Life's Time Capsule

Life's Time Capsule

Life's Time Capsule is an innovative company positioned in the social media and online data storage space with unique services built to capture, preserve, and share your digital legacy for present and future generations to add to and pass along for centuries into the future. The capsule is a secure personal data storage and social media service that enables you to build a digital legacy to be passed on to many generations into the future. The capsule offers Individual, Family, and Entity Plans, which allow the opportunity to upload and safely store digital images, videos, and voice recordings, personal journal entries and all document types from your desktop or mobile device. Your media is automatically kept private, but you may choose to share it with other social media platforms. In additional, a unique feature of our services is each customer is assigned a personalized URL, which allows the sharing of your media to the audience of your choosing while keeping your remaining files private. To ensure a lifetime of safekeeping and sharing of your digital legacy, we've partnered with Amazon to utilize its renowned cloud storage infrastructure. Our mobile app, available in iTunes and Google Play stores, makes it convenient and easy to securely upload media stored on your phone for backup and sharing.

Leadership Team Involvement

Chuck Malkus

Leadership Team Consultant
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Global Strategist